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Junk Car Buyer in Mumbai

Best Junk Car Buyer in Navi Mumbai

Aslam Salim Motorwala offers the best deal to all junk car onwers in the Mumbai city. The deal assures the client that old junk non-working car can be safely disposed of at the reasonable amount on the best possible terms to the client. In fact any car that is not in the condition to run on the road can be safely sold to the junk car dealer. The junk car buyer in Mumbai buys the car in any condition working or non working in any junk form and offers the best price to the client on spot.
Besides junk cars, the best junk car dealer also buys scrap car, old car, accidental car and rusty cars. Whatever may be the condition of the cars, the junk car buyer in Mumbai offers the best deal and cash on the spot. The necessary paperwork related to the purchase is completed by the experts of the company. The drafted affidiavit is provided to the client with clear wording that we are buying the vehicle or car for scraping. We also provide chassie number and plate number. The client just has to give the copy of identity proof and the copy of RC. The junk car of any model or make is purchased without much further probe.
The clients can contact the company and inform the location of the junk car. The towing services of the company take the junk car to the scrapping site of the company. The towing services are provided without any additional charge on the client. The services are provided within the estimated time provided to the client by the company experts and on the specifications given to the client. our honesty, transparency and payment on the spot help our clients to get the best deal on junk cars. At the same time it helps us to crave a niche in the highly competitive market in the city. Our expertise and experience have enabled us to judge the condition of cars with just one look and provide the best offer to the client.