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Scrap Car Buyer in Navi Numbai

Best Scrap Car Buyer in Navi Mumbai

We offer the best price to the client on the spot with complete paperwork related to the buying of old and scrap cars. In fact ours is the only place, where one can sell the car in any condition. The deal will be completed whatever may be the condition of the car. The Scrap Car Buyer in Navi Mumbai buys old cars, accidental cars, rusty cars, junk cars, total loss cars and scrap cars of any make and model. The clients get the cash on spot with complete documents related to the buying. We provide properly drafted affidavit conforming that we are buying the old car for scrapping purposes.
The documents ensure that the buying of the car is only for scrapping purposes and old cars or rusty cars, or scrap cars would never be misused. The car is dismantled after removing the engine, tire, wheel, dashboard and chasse with number and number plate. The clients can also see the scrapping taking place at our site if they so desire. After completion of the deal the cash is provided on the spot without delay to the client. The crane services are also provided to help towing a non-working car junk car or accidental car to our place. Client can contact us for free quotation and crane services from any place.
We tow the non- working car or accidental car from any part of the city on the call of the client. The charges of the crane services are not taken from the client. The honesty and transparency in our services has helped us to create a niche in the highly competitive scarp car market in the Mumbai. Our reputation also rests on our rich experience and expertise in the scrap car industry which helps us to render the best services at the best price to our clients. The services are rendered as per our commitment to the client and on the specification provided to us by our clients.