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Scrap Car Dealer in Navi Mumbai

Best Scrap Car Dealer in Navi Mumbai

Aslam Salim Motorwala is the leading scrap car dealer in the Mumbai. The services are provided to clients to sell any make or model car in a scrap with the best price on offer. The scarp car in any condition can be safely brought to the car dealer for disposal. Our services help clients to remove the junk car easily, legally and safely and get the best price for it. The scrap car dealer in Navi Mumbai extends services to cover junk car, old car, rusty car, and the accidental car in any condition. The services help the client to sell the scrap or junk car and get the payment on the spot.
The experiences of the car dealer ensure that client is getting the best services in scarp car deal. The dealer prepares the drafted affidavit mentioning that the car is purchased for scrapping purpose. The paperwork is completed by the company experts. Our paperwork provides assurance to the car owner that there will be no legal responsibility for the car from the mentioned date of the car sale. We also help clients in deregistration of the scrap car. The chassis number and plate number is provided to the client. The client only has to show ID proof and RC with photocopies of both these documents. The documentation work ensures that the scar deal is just for the scrapping of the car and there will be no misuse of the old car.
The services help the client to get rid of their useless scrap car or junk car without much hassle. The car which is not in the condition to run on the street is towed to the scraping site of the company. The towing services are provided to the client without any additional charge. The client just has to contact the company for scrap car deal. The rest of the work will be completed by the professionals of the company. We are the only scarp car dealer that offers the competitive price to the scrap car of the dealer. We also have the expertise and skill to handle the hazardous material safely without putting any of our workers to risk.